Serving our communities and preserving our culture is the key to ensuring a sound future.

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We work towards ensuring quality of life, cultural preservation, advocacy and equity for everyone. Serving our communities and preserving our culture is the key to ensuring a sound future.


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About Us

Who is ACANA?

Who We Are

African Cultural Alliance of North America Inc. (ACANA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ACANA serves African and Caribbean immigrants by providing access to social and legal services, community development programs, health services, organizing African arts and culture events, and an array of many other services

Our Objectives

ACANA’s objectives are to not only assist new residents in their adjustment and resettlement, but to help them become active participants in their new environments. In doing so, ACANA strongly believes in working with people of all backgrounds to build a better community.

What we do

Our Services


Our legal department is unique not only because we specialize in complex cases, but because we use a collaborative approach to solving the most complex cases, and employ other perspectives and disciplines, including social work and psychology.


For the past ten years, ACANA’s Health Department has been promoting good health care through provision of health education and screening for major preventable and manageable diseases, including Diabetes, Hypertension and HIV/AIDS.


As part of the community development department, ACANA provides two main services: providing resources to needy community residents regardless of background, and promoting the vitalization of Chester Avenue.

What is Africatown?

(Investment and “Tourist Destination Point” for the global African diaspora and other interested persons)

Black Residents business ownership in Southwest Philadelphia and entrepreneurship talent is on display in the community. Their concentration along the commercial corridors of Baltimore, Chester, Woodland, and Elmwood Avenues have led to the international press naming Southwest Philadelphia “Little Africa.” The BBC and France 24 are often in our city doing special features on Black Residents.

Thus far Black Residents business owners have received little support from public sector organizations, for a variety of reasons. With the design of several programs, funded by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce and implemented by ACANA, public sector resources will be available to Black Residents businesses in Africatown to drive economic development initiatives to:

  • Create jobs in Southwest Philadelphia
  • Increase business ownership among the residents of the community
  • Eliminate poverty
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Testimonials – Our Reviews

Imani House
Imani House
A position instution of serious doers. Putting "Little Africa" on the map and unifying the black businesses owned by Africans and Blacks across Philly. Purchasing property building , Healthcare and so much more. BRAVO ✊🏿👏🏿
Fatu Nyuma
Fatu Nyuma
Been with ACANA for over 9 years! My journey is finally over (I had a difficult case)! They are very affordable! I'm gonna miss my 2 lawyers Chioma and Marie-lynda! They were amazing and supportive and it helps that they are also African (and African descendants) so they understand what we go through!
Afrik Abubakar
Afrik Abubakar
Outstanding services
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